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How To Find The Best Tow Truck Near Me in Newcastle

When you find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a vehicle that doesn’t start, finding a reliable local breakdown towing service is crucial. It’s even more important after a car accident or roadside emergency. By exploring key factors like response times, costs, types of tow trucks and service types, you can ensure you find a reliable local service when you need it.

Towing vehicle service in Newcastle

NCM Towing & Transport provides a reliable breakdown and accident towing service to drivers in Newcastle and surrounding areas. Based on our expertise, here are some of the crucial things to look for when looking for the right towing service near you.

The Importance of Quick Response Times

Getting stuck for long periods with a broken down car is never ideal. Quick response times from towing companies is particularly important, however, when it comes to accidents and emergencies. After a roadside incident, a damaged vehicle may be left in a dangerous position or passengers are left waiting in an unsafe space like the side of a freeway.  
Knowing help is on the way swiftly goes a long way towards relieving the stress of these situations. NCM Towing & Transport, for example, aim to arrive within 30 minutes of a callout in Newcastle. A good towing vehicle service also aims to prioritise jobs based on urgency or severity of the emergency.

Exploring Service Varieties

It’s also important to get an understanding on the different types of towing services available. This ranges from traditional local tow truck services to providers of specialised services like flatbed tow trucks for moving heavy machinery or other specialised vehicle types. Some accident and breakdown towing service providers offer additional services for your convenience as well.
This may include:
long distance towing if you break down far from home
car salvage services for vehicles beyond repair
roadside assistance services like jump starts, fuel delivery and help with flat tyres
Whether the provider manages to get you back behind the wheel yourself, or needs to tow your vehicle, there are other considerations to keep in mind. Check out our 7-point guide which outlines what you need to do before the tow truck or breakdown service arrives.

Unravelling Towing Costs

Depending on who you call for breakdown or accident towing service, the costs can be complicated. Different factorsinfluence pricing, such as:
• vehicle size, type and condition     
• pick up location and towing distance 
Ultimately, you should look for a service provider that offers transparency in pricing so you can make informed decisions.  Ask for an upfront estimate or quote as well as payment terms. NCM Towing & Transport work under a tow now, pay later system. This helps eliminate the added stress of dealing with payment when you’ve been in a roadside incident and are focused on just getting back home or to your intended destination. We also offer flexible payment options, from eftpos to interest-free pay later schemes like Zip.

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Very professional and responsive, got best service and rate. All Stars!


Very happy with the towing service 100%


got me at 2am in the morning, he was a super friendly and upstanding guy, it was quick and easy, definitely recommended the amazing bloke!


These guys are professionals, fantastic to deal with and came asap in our time of need. Broke down in our Motorhome and after 6 hours of no joy waiting in 35 degrees for nrma to do nothing, rang them and they were there within an hour. Loaded and dropped at repairer in under 2 hours. Don’t hesitate to call if you need to move any vehicle, can’t thank them enough.

Jeffrey Ruigrok

I needed to get my car towed. They were quick to arrive and I waited for only 10mins. Very friendly staff. I recommend this towing service. 👌👌👌