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7 Things to DoBefore Having Your Vehicle Towed in New South Wales

Many of us who drive a vehicle need to rely on professional towing services at some point. Understanding what the process entails ensures everything goes smoothly when the situation arises. This includes everything from finding the right service for your specific needs to what information to provide when you contact them.

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NCM Towing & Transport provides 24/7 emergencytowing, machinery transport, and long distance towing services from our basenear Newcastle to surrounding areas of New South Wales. Below is a 7-pointtowing checklist to help you prepare and understand what to expect when yourvehicle is about to be towed.

1. Understand the Towing Process

Avoid last-minute confusion and stress by ensuring you clearly understand the towing process. This includes who to call, estimated arrival time and what costs to expect. Find a towing company that covers the area you need, keeping in mind that this area should include both your current location and the location you want the vehicle towed to. Get time estimates for arrival and transportation as well as an indication of costs, plus how and when you need to pay for the service.

2. Document Vehicle Condition

Take a variety of photos to document your vehicle's current condition. This helps avoid any disputes over your vehicle condition before and after the towing process. This protective measure ensures you have a clear and indisputable record of your vehicle's condition for any insurance claims or disputes.

3. Check For Personal Belongings

Once you know towing assistance is enroute, get your vehicle ready for collection by removing any valuables and personal belongings from the car. This includes your keys, wallet, clothing, phone, laptops, tablets and GPS devices. Make sure you also grab any insurance papers and personal identification that you might need.

4. Secure Loose Parts

Secure any loose or hanging parts of the vehicle to prevent further damage or hazards during transportation. Check for looseinternal items like portable chargers, air fresheners and phone mounts that could move around. You should also consider external removable car parts likehubcaps, bike racks, custom spoilers and antennas.

5. Notify Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance provider about the towing assistance you’re getting to see what’s covered under your policy. This helps you prepare for any claims you need to make. Find out about towing coverage and limitations, any potential impacts on your policy and what you need for the claims process.

6. Check For Any Specific Towing Requirements

Inform your towing company ahead of time if you have any specific requirements such as long distance towing or a particular type of vehicle like a vintage car, luxury vehicle or large vehicle. This ensures you get professional towing services that can accommodate any specific towing techniques required, including bringing a particular type of truck.

7. Identify a Preferred Repair Shop or Destination

We suggest selecting a trusted repair shop or destination in advance to help streamline the towing process and facilitate prompt repairs. If you have a roadside incident after hours and can’t reach your insurer or repair place, NCM Towing & Transport can transport your vehicle to our depot for safe storage until your repairer is open.

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To get more specific information beyond this checklist, get in touch with the team at NCM Towing & Transport today. We provide reliable local and long distance towing, machinery transport and car salvage services in Newcastle and beyond. Call today on 0482 774 429 or contact us online.

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Very professional and responsive, got best service and rate. All Stars!


Very happy with the towing service 100%


got me at 2am in the morning, he was a super friendly and upstanding guy, it was quick and easy, definitely recommended the amazing bloke!


These guys are professionals, fantastic to deal with and came asap in our time of need. Broke down in our Motorhome and after 6 hours of no joy waiting in 35 degrees for nrma to do nothing, rang them and they were there within an hour. Loaded and dropped at repairer in under 2 hours. Don’t hesitate to call if you need to move any vehicle, can’t thank them enough.

Jeffrey Ruigrok

I needed to get my car towed. They were quick to arrive and I waited for only 10mins. Very friendly staff. I recommend this towing service. 👌👌👌